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18 YEARS OF EUROPEAN ACTIVITY BORN IN EUROPE, GE AVIATION'S JOURNEY IN EUROPE HAS GONE a long way till it arrived at the current level. Many things happened on this path which can be condensed to this time line. 2000 ▶ The GE Engineering Design Center (EDC) in Warsaw, Poland, was created under an agreement between GE Aviation and the Polish Institute of Aviation. EDC cooperates with GE businesses in aviation, but also in energy, oil and gas, and rail fields. The advanced hot section cooling technology was developed by EDC to meet the GE Catalyst's high power and performance requirements. EDC design responsibility includes all development phases from the conceptual phase through engine certification, and key disciplines including systems integration, mechanical design, thermal, secondary flows, lubrication, and pressurization systems. 2007 ▶ GE Aviation acquired Smiths Aerospace in England enabling GE to grow its presence in Europe producing aircraft systems technologies. This includes Dowty Propeller in Gloucester, composite factory (aero-structures) in Hamble, and an electrical power R&D center in Cheltenham. 2008 ▶ GE BGA team was set up to take proven technology developed in GE's commercial engine business and apply it into small engines in the business/general aviation market space. The Czech Walter M601 was an engine which to GE confirmed that it could do while building domain expertise in the turboprop space. This led to the development of a clean-sheet design, now known as the GE Catalyst. 2013 2013 ▶ GE acquired the Avio Aero in Italy which extended GE's participation and expertise in the areas of mechanical transmission systems, additive processes, low-pressure turbines, combustion technology, and automation systems. Avio Aero sites are located in Turin, Pomigliano d'Arco (Naples), and Brindisi. In this plant, later this year the additive-manufactured components of the GE Catalyst engine will be produced. Avio is also testing the Catalyst FADEC system. 2016 ▶ GE finalized the agreement with the Czech government to build its new turboprop headquarters for development, test, engine-production and overhaul in the Czech Republic. Ice Shield De-icing Systems offers… • Part for Part Replacement • Easy Installation • Technical Support • 48-hour Guaranteed Delivery Ice Shield is a Faster, Better, Smarter way to protect your aircraft from icing. For more information please visit or 800.767.6899 40 APRIL/MAY 2018 AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE TECHNOLOGY

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