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COMMERCIAL MRO DPS: I think we view Africa like a new frontier maybe. It's a large population base with a lot of different cultures inside the continent. One of our experiences is that we understand and appreciate that. I believe it's going to be very critical for the African continent leaders to develop air transportation systems that allow for commerce to flourish. Without an air transportation system, you really can't have a flourishing economy. Currently we have a PBH (power by the hour) program with Kenya Airways for component support, do some similar technical support for SAATechnical, and we've had an engineering service contract with Ethiopia. We're looking at different things in Nigeria and western Africa. So, I think stay tuned but it may be a little slower. RWD: What are some of the biggest changes and maybe challenges yet to come in the MRO business? DPS: I think that if I were to find one key phrase for this industry over the past 40 years it would probably be the acceptance of outsourcing. One example is when I was trying to get business from an (unnamed) major airline years ago, I can recall talking with the CEO and he was telling me that, "Yeah. I get it. This makes sense. However, my vice president of maintenance doesn't want to see us give up control. And if we give you work we're going to be giving up control." I tried to convince him that I would be under his control and you don't lose control. It's just that instead of having your own employees, you have my employees. But I can do it more flexibly. I can be more comprehensive. I can give you alternatives and, at the end of the day, make you more competitive. And, you know, they resisted it on the basis of giving up control. RONALD DONNER and David Storch at the AAR World Headquarters in Wood Dale, IL. Hawekeye V2 Video Borescopes NEW V2 Deluxe Kits! Everything you'll ever need all in one indestructible carrying case! 4mm & 6mm Deluxe Kits now starting at $9995! V2 Videoscopes now starting at $7995! V2 Deluxe Kits Contain: • 4-way Articulating V2 Videoscope • All Standard Accessories • 90° Prism Tip • Close-Focus Tip • V2 Stand • V2 Rigidizer 800.536.0790 Made in USA 18 APRIL/MAY 2018 AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE TECHNOLOGY

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