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What I want to have is more capability in these buckets. I want you to be comfortable turning over your operation or your aircraft to us. That might either be a commercial or regional airline or a government. We have successes in each of these areas. RWD: Last year was the purchase of the two Canadian MRO facilities and the company recently announced a joint venture in India. You've used the word international expansion a lot in our short conversation. Can you talk more about this? DPS: Ron, when people like you and I came into the aviation business, the U.S. made up a very significant percentage of the business. Over time that's changed. And, you know, my goal is to follow the fleet. So as the fleet grows outside the United States, we have to physically go outside the United States. Historically, we've been a U.S. domestic centric company but when I think of MRO, I look at foreign markets and I want to proceed with caution because I recognize that the key to success in MRO is matching your workforce and your mechanics. I don't want to be presumptuous and assume that we understand how different cultures operate around the world. So, by teaming as we did in India with a local businessman, we have a better chance, we believe, at being successful. And a much better chance for success with a local partner. Our partner in India is a very ambitious business man. We see the same market he sees. He understands the local domestic markets in ways that we'll never understand. I think the partnership is very powerful because of that. We understand aircraft maintenance as well as anybody in the world. Our partner, in this case, understands the local market better than most. Local Indian airlines are the target audience and assuming success, there's the possibility of bringing on aircraft from outside India. To some extent, Canada, I think of differently than some of these other markets. We didn't necessarily feel we needed to partner in Canada the same way as we think of other markets. RWD: The other piece that's interesting is the African market. Last summer during the Paris Airshow I had the pleasure of meeting Cheryl Jackson, president of AAR Africa. AVIATION FABRICATORS Certified Repair Station Solutions Check out our complete Capabilities List. You'll find it on our homepage under "Repair" at AvFab Puts the AIR in Repair Restore your cabin to factory fresh condition with repairs that are fast, certified and, in some cases, even better than new with AvFab's Certified Repair Station solutions. Let our technicians return your interior components to full functionality, comfort and safety. After all, you have a lot riding on it. Seat Repair · Toilet Repair · Seat Recline Cylinders · Coffee Units & Heated Liquid Containers · Cabinet Shop Services · Arm Rest Repairs Call us today at: (660) 885-8317 / FAA-Parts Manufacturing Approval Facility - #PQ3012CE / FAA-Certified Repair Station - #GVRR304K 17

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