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MAR 2018

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electric propulsion for commercial aircraft partially powered by electricity in 2020. The E-Fan X project will be based on a modified commercial, 100-seater, BAe 146 regional aircraft. The trio believes, it could lay the groundwork for commercial flights with the same electric technology as early as 2025. The companies will start by using a 2 mw electric motor as one of the aircraft's four engines. This flight demonstrator, a commuter jet, will see one of the engines replaced by an electric motor driven by an integrated turbine-generator in the fuselage in a serial hybrid architecture. If tests are successful, a second fuel-driven engine could be swapped out for an electric motor. Airbus has picked 2 mw because it sees this is at the upper limit of what's attainable with more-or-less conventional power distribution technology without having to master superconductivity or other exotic approaches. This demonstrator should eliminate some of the integration risks associated with a serial hybrid architecture at this scale. Integration risks such as thermal management, electromagnetic interference, arcing, partial discharge, and radiation effects on high-power electrical systems at operating altitude. The ultimate goal is to enable a hybrid electric propul- E-FAN X 2020 AIRBUS Custom designed fall protection equipment to protect your most valuable investments. JETechnology Solutions Inc. Contact us today: (888) 510-0389 Contact us today: (888) 510-0389 OSHA SAFETY FIRST Titan TVT Series Videoscope High Quality, Cost Effective, Remote Visual Inspection Borescope • NEW five models include shaft diameters of 6mm, 4mm, and 2.8mm which permits easier inspection thru narrow bores, channels, and complex curves. • NEW mechanized joystick on four models allows easier control of 4-way camera articulation. • NEW lower prices starting at $7,000.00. TVT Series Video Borescope and accessories are supplied in heavy-duty, foam-fitted carrying case. Providing Quality Inspection Instruments since 1952 (716) 873-9907 •

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