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MAR 2018

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to be taxied without the main motors, and which accelerated the aircraft for take-off to 60 km/h (32 knots). 2015 E-Fan 2.0 A mock-up of this aircraft project was first shown at the Paris Airshow in 2015. Two production variants were initially planned, a two-seater E-Fan 2.0 for use as a pilot trainer, and the E-Fan 4.0 four-seat GA-style, touring aircraft. The E-Fan 4.0 looked similar to the E-Fan 2.0 but had a longer and more convectional looking fuselage. E-Fan 4.0 would have had some sort of hybrid-electric system which would have increased flight duration from two hours to 3.5 hours. The first flight of the E-Fan 2.0 was originally planned for 2017 and the E Fan 4.0 for 2019. Booth E-Fan project(s) were later stopped in favor of the E-Fan X. 2016 E-Fan 1.2 Airbus brought to AirVenture 2016 a variant of the E-Fan 1.1 called 1.2. The aircraft had instead two seats, as the 1.1 model, only one front seat — the rear seat was removed in favor of a range extender, a two-stroke engine, and electric generator. E-Fan 1.2 uses its batteries and electric motors during takeoff and landing and the gasoline power plant during cruise. It flew for the first time in France in mid July 2016. In Oshkosh Airbus announced that the four-seater 4.0 will not go into production, and will not be built as a prototype. The two-seater 2.0, according to the Airbus staff present, was only a feasibility study, intended to show the potential that lies in this technology. Building Solutions ... On budget, on schedule, on target... Cost-efficient building solutions form Varco Pruden Buildings provide attractive and affordable structures for: • hangars • flight based operations • cargo facilities • aircraft maintenance With our value-engineered steel framed building systems, recycled material content and long-life "cool paint" choices, VP Buildings can provide energy-efficient structures to help curb operating costs. Find out more. This free brochure is available at Varco Pruden Buildings is a division of BlueScope Buildings North America, Inc. E-FAN 1.2 MARINO BORIC

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