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MAR 2018

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In severe cases, this debris can even lead to filter plugging and differential pressure indication (DPI) alarms in the cockpit. Lubricant filters can also become plugged from copper chelation, a side effect that occurs when additives interact with bronze-wear metal particles, ultimately leading to the development of sludge. Corrosion damage and blocked filters will necessitate expensive unscheduled maintenance, cancelled or delayed flights, and significant incremental costs to operators. That said, certain HPC oils can provide excellent oxidation and thermal stability which helps protect generators from acidic corrosion and resist deterioration and deposit formation. Furthermore, with the right additive package, copper chelation can be avoided. 3. SEAL LEAKS Some high thermal stability (HTS) oils can be aggressive on elastomer seals, causing swelling, brittleness, and cracking, and premature generator removal. Choosing one compatible to engine seals will help prolong seal life, which helps protect against oil leaks. CONCLUDING THOUGHTS As you've now learned, not all turbine oils are created equally. HPC oils can lower mean time between unplanned generator removals and can help maintain excellent performance, therefore, helping reduce costs for operators. To support your generator performance needs, consider using HPC oil to help maintain efficient fleet performance and keep your maintenance costs to a minimum. ED BARNES is an ExxonMobil Aviation lubrication engineer and has supported the business for more than 17 years through various technical and sales roles. He is a Certified Lubrication Specialist by the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers (STLE). THE FLUOROCARBON elastomer specimen that became brittle with visible cracks vs. no cracks. EXXONMOBIL IDGHOUSINGS which show signs of corrosion. EXXONMOBIL

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