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MAR 2018

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Air Management Systems Liebherr has complete capability to develop, supply, and service all aircraft and engine air systems: from the engine bleed air ports and engine pneumatics to the air distribution in the cabin and from the wing ice protection system to the cabin pressurization. Liebherr also offers supplemental cooling, hydraulic cooling, and fuel tank inert air supply or air humidification. The company operates large air system testing facilities in Toulouse, France. Liebherr masters the complete development including certification testing, as well as the production and worldwide customer services all along product life. Flight Control Actuation Systems Liebherr offers primary and secondary flight control systems and other actuation systems and hydraulic systems. The core parts of these systems — i.e. mechanical, hydraulic parts, and electronics hardware with embedded software — are developed and manufactured in-house. As a system supplier, Liebherr is capable of design and manufacture of complete flight control and actuation systems, from side stick in the cockpit to the movable surface actuators on the wings. The latest fly-by-wire systems are part of the product program in this area. Landing Gear Systems Liebherr-Aerospace has the capabilities and the experience to design, manufacture, maintain, and service landing gear systems. This includes the landing gear structure, the extension/retraction and steering actuation, the position and warning system, the integration of wheels and brakes, and the associated sensors and controls, including cockpit controls. Gears and Gearboxes Power transmission gearboxes take mechanical power from a helicopter engine or auxiliary power unit and provide it to other users which need this power throughout the aircraft. Liebherr gears are integrated in actuators and gearboxes that are part of the transmission systems which power the aircraft flap and slat actuators. Electronics Liebherr has acquired considerable experience in designing on-board electronics for the control and monitoring of highly integrated flight-safety critical, complex systems. Electronic units are supplied with embedded software, as standalone units, or as part of the company's air management, flight control, and landing gear systems. Liebherr-Aerospace offers extensive customer services based on a worldwide network with repair and maintenance services, technical support, documentation, and spare parts logistics. Liebherr's aerospace and transportation systems division employs around 4,900 people. It has four aviation equipment production plants at Lindenberg, Germany; Toulouse, France; Guaratinguetá, Brazil; and Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. Additional customer service centers are in Saline, MI; Seattle, WA; Montreal, Canada; Hamburg, Germany; Moscow, Russia; Dubai, UAE; and Singapore and Shanghai, People's Republic of China. The division controlling company is Liebherr Aerospace & Transportation SAS in Toulouse, France, which coordinates all activities in the area of aerospace and transportation systems. MARINO BORIC graduated with a university degree as an aeronautic engineer, and acquired degrees in business development/ trade and commerce and in journalism. He is a civil and military pilot and has built experimental aircraft. As a journalist, he specializes in aviation and propulsion and travels worldwide, flight-testing UL, LSA, Experimental, and certified aircraft. He is writing for U.S., European, and Chinese media companies. LIEBHERR AEROSPACE Lindenberg GmbH flight control assembly area. BELOW: LIEBHERR Aerospace Lindenberg GmbH main landing gear.

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