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General Familiarization manuals and self paced certification 737-300/400/500 with CFM56 engines manual $145.00 eBook $125.00 certification $500.00 AMT Bookstore 970 726-5111 747-classic with JT9D-7 engines manual $135.00 eBook $115.00 certification $500.00 737-NG with CFM56-7B engines manual $175.00 eBook $155.00 certification $540.00 747-400 with PW4000 engines manual $165.00 eBook $145.00 certification $540.00 757 with PW2000 & RB211 engines manual $145.00 eBook $125.00 certification $540.00 767 with JT9D-7R4 & GE-80C2 engines manual $145.00 eBook $125.00 certification $540.00 777 with GE90 & PW4000 engines manual $219.00 eBook $189.00 certification $540.00 CRJ 700/900 with CF34-8C1 & 8C5 engines manual $145.00 eBook $125.00 certification $540.00 more info: | 23 Each year Gulfstream invests heavily in training and tools so its technicians are kept up-to-date on the models they work on. GULFSTREAM AEROSPACE CORP. on the ground. The G650 takes that con- cept even further with a health and trend monitoring service, PlaneConnect HTMâ„¢. "In our call center, we have an in-f light support center that includes graphical f light simulators for all Gulfstream mod- els. Technical operations personnel can set up a simulator to mirror what is hap- pening in f light. This often leads to much faster troubleshooting time for in-f light or operational issues." I asked Russell what he saw taking place over the next 25 years. He wisely and professionally declined. He did make one suggestion for owners and operators. "Gulfstream aircraft are built to f ly, so f ly them as much as you can." Based on the rate of change in the last 25 years at Gulfstream, I would suggest that future A MTs will need to be familiar with 3-D or additive manufacturing, maintain supersonic busi- ness aircraft, and might even be using nanorobots to chase the gremlins out of the avionics bays. AMT_16-23_CSBizAviation.indd 23 4/3/14 2:05 PM

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