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OCT 2018

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10 OCTOBER 2018 AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE TECHNOLOGY INDUSTRY OUTLOOK explains many companies offer predictive maintenance solutions, where a software dashboard lights up like a Christmas tree with red, yellow, and green lights, predicting maintenance needs of varying importance across an aircraft. “The more capabilities these systems have, the busier that ‘Christmas tree’ becomes,” he says. Though this information is helpful, traditional systems leave it to customers to prioritize the lights on these digital “Christmas trees” and act on the brightest needs. “Statuses are provided but customers have to draw their own conclusions about how to react, when to react, and what to do,” he explains. Honeywell’s GoDirect Connected Maintenance cuts through the flashing lights and noise, analyzing each alert in this digital light show to prioritize actions for customers, who are no longer exposed to the entire universe of what’s taking place inside an aircraft, but rather receive alerts, either via email or a dashboard portal, about the most pressing maintenance needs it has. “What we do differently is we monitor this data for you, and only tell you about high priority actions that require your immediate attention,” he says. “We provide the minimum amount of information necessary for you to take action and we actually tell you what action to take.” The benefit to airlines is tremendous. Lopatko explains a very experienced aviation maintenance technician (AMT) might be able to observe a fault code and accurately determine a course of action, but AMTs with less experience may need to follow the OEM troubleshooting manual. This document might recommend three things that could be wrong and prescribe an order for fixing them. The AMT follows each step in order, checking each component and replacing it. But this method is a lot like throwing darts at a dart board with your eyes closed. You may hit the bull’s eye the first time, or it may take you three throws to strike the center. “The AMT replaces one part and when that doesn’t fix the problem, he replaces another one. He continues until the problem is fixed,” Lopatko says. “But the Honeywell system tells him exactly which part to replace. We say just go directly to Step Three and replace that part.” Airlines benefit through greater efficiency and reduced maintenance costs. An AMT is no longer pulling five parts to replace one faulty one. He or she is only pulling parts that are defective. In fact, customers using GoDirect Connected HAWKEYE V2 VIDEO BORESCOPES NEW V2 Deluxe Kits! Everything you'll ever need all in one indestructible carrying case! V2 Videoscopes now starting at $7995! 4mm & 6mm Deluxe Kits now starting at $9995! V2 Deluxe Kits Contain: • 4-way Articulating V2 Videoscope • All Standard Accessories • 90° Prism Tip • Close-Focus Tip • V2 Stand • V2 Rigidizer 800.536.0790 Made in USA

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