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OCT 2018

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8 OCTOBER 2018 AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE TECHNOLOGY INDUSTRY OUTLOOK an aircraft’s auxiliary power units, navigation systems, wheels, brakes, environmental control systems, and other connected components to streamline inspections and repairs and provide predictive, prescriptive maintenance alerts to end-users. Analyzing this data in real-time puts the airline industry on the cusp of a major digital transformation, where it too can unlock the power of this data to identify potential faults before they become problems and move from reactive and preventative maintenance to predictive and prescriptive maintenance, improving aircraft reliability, reducing costs, and limiting delays. Two airlines are already relying on Honeywell’s GoDirect Connected Maintenance for their auxiliary power units (APUs). Hainan Airlines’ fleet of more than 50 Airbus A330s are utilizing Honeywell’s service and will deploy it for the airline’s future fleet of 40 A330s, to improve fleet availability by predicting potential mechanical issues or failures before they happen and prescribing targeted maintenance recommendations. Cathay Pacific Group also relies on Honeywell GoDirect Connected Maintenance for its fleet of Airbus A350s to keep passengers comfortable and happy. “Honeywell’s GoDirect Connected Maintenance helps support our commitment to passengers by reducing operational disruptions and limiting flight delays, without adding any sensors or a single ounce of weight to the aircraft,” reports Neil Glenn, director of engineering for Cathay Pacific, as he explains the reason for the airline’s decision to partner with Honeywell. The reality is that like heavy-duty trucks, modern aircraft generate a wealth of health and performance data and analyzing this data can help maintenance teams identify faults before they become problems, improving aircraft reliability. In fact, Roman Lopatko, senior director of strategy and business for Honeywell, says GoDirect Connected Maintenance has been shown to slash flight delays and cancellations by 35 percent, reduce troubleshooting time by 30 percent and push maintenance accuracy to 98-99 percent. Prioritize Predictions Connected maintenance capabilities are not exactly new. Honeywell has used them in predictive maintenance of APUs for more than 10 years, and expanded these capabilities to other components, such as wheels and brakes and navigation systems, approximately three years ago. What is new is how precise the capability has become. Honeywell’s system is moving the needle from predictive maintenance to prescriptive. Lopatko "We provide the minimum amount of information necessary for you to take action and we actually tell you what action to take." — Roman Lopatko, Senior Director of Strategy and Business, Honeywell GODIRECT CONNECTED Maintenance can deliver data on an individual component or an entire aircraft system. HONEYWELL

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