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OCT 2018

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56 OCTOBER 2018 AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE TECHNOLOGY INDUSTRY OUTLOOK determine whether an object in someone’s pocket is a cell phone. Thus, the need for full hand wanding or physical full-body pat downs is eliminated as the technology alerts guards if someone is carrying an item of interest and tells them where to search. 5. Considering the Pace of Commerce to Remain Operational — With new procedures looming, both employees and their employers are concerned about the negative impact new security measures will have on their jobs and their ability to perform them well. Remember, if security processes make it impossible for employees to get to work on time, airplanes won’t get off the ground on time. To ease these concerns, and keep operations running smoothly, look to install processes that won’t create long lines and bottlenecks. For example, any solutions that require employees to empty their pockets or take off their shoes and belts are likely not the best option. As discussed previously, systems that are equipped with AI technologies are powerful enough to offer features and benefits that eliminate time-consuming processes. When it comes to employee screening, airports are already showing a tremendous ability to stay ahead of the curve. Airports that are using technology that is aligned with their limited resources to incorporate additional layers of security have successfully been able to improve their employee screening process in a way that doesn’t harden their facility completely. While the use of identity verification continues to be vitally important, it is the combination of identity and physical security that will enable airports to successfully protect against insider threats. For more on security see ARSA Insight on Page 62. CHRIS MCLAUGHLIN joined Evolv Technology in 2016. In this role, he leads engagement with airports, airlines, and rail organizations and assists in other sectors to develop concepts of operation and configurations that integrate into existing and emerging landscapes. Prior to joining Evolv, he worked for the Transportation Security Administration as a Federal Security Director in Colorado and then as the assistant administrator for security operations. MILLENNIUM HL SERIES STARTER GENERATOR BRUSHES HELPING YOU CARRY A HEAVY LOAD. Miraj Corporation is pleased to introduce the Millennium HL Series starter generator brushes. An extension of our industry leading Millennium Series Long Life brush program, these brushes offer improved life and performance under the most demanding load conditions and operating environments, the Millennium HL Series - new brushes for a new generation. MIRAJ 345 Route 17, Hasbrouck Heights, NJ 07604 201-288-8877 • Fax: 201-288-7356 email: 931-362-3304

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