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OCT 2018

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54 OCTOBER 2018 AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE TECHNOLOGY INDUSTRY OUTLOOK technologies and processes to implement, it is important to keep in mind that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. This is a complicated problem that requires a smart response. With so many products available today, let’s explore five different elements that airport managers should look for when identifying new solutions: 1. Scalable Solutions That Can Be Adapted as Conditions Change — Screening at every access point, on an ongoing basis, is an impressive commitment to security. However, studies have shown that scalable solutions can be equally as effective. This includes solutions that are designed for pop-up deployment at random locations and times. When budgets are limited, there are options available that avoid implementing screening procedures that harden every door all the time. To do this successfully, airport managers should look for systems that have the flexibility to be set up and deployed for operations very quickly or installed permanently as conditions change. 2. Leveraging Smart, Automated Solutions to Focus on Priority Tasks — Today, physical employee screening processes rely heavily on two things. First, traditional “TSA style” X-rays and magnetometers. These processes are expensive and invasive AUTOMATED SYSTEMS allow guards to focus on higher priority tasks such as quickly responding to likely threats to help screen against insider threats. RENTAL AIRCRAFT SCALES Turboprops, Jets: Small, Medium and Large Airlines: A320 and 737 JACKSON AIRCRAFT WEIGHING SYSTEMS We Are Standing By For Your Rental Call: 561-281-6179 Titan TVT Series Videoscope NEW High Quality, Cost Effective, Remote Visual Inspection Borescope • NEW five models include shaft diameters of 6mm, 4mm, and 2.8mm which permits easier inspection thru narrow bores, channels, and complex curves. • NEW mechanized joystick on four models allows easier control of 4-way camera articulation. • NEW lower prices starting at $7,000.00. TVT Series Video Borescope and accessories are supplied in heavy-duty, foam-fitted carrying case. TITAN Providing Quality Inspection Instruments since 1952 (716) 873-9907 •

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