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42 OCTOBER 2018 AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE TECHNOLOGY GENERAL AVIATION “In the air show business the show must go on; we just can’t afford downtime,” Hornick says. Young Aviators An area that the team has developed this year is a program called the Young Aviators. The idea is to inform the next generation of the possibilities that aviation offers in terms of a career. For a lot of kids these days if they’re away from an airport or don’t have family members that are involved in aviation in some way, they don’t know what is available, Molidor says. “What we’re doing is leveraging the team and the visibility of the team to discuss with the young people all the different facets of aviation as a career,” Molidor says. “The team goes onsite at an air show, and we coordinate this ahead of time with the organizers to line up some visits to schools, so we can talk with the kids. We try to do a very broad spectrum of jobs, to try to put out a big net. If we just go and talk about flying that only appeals to a very small cross section. But within aviation there’s literally a job interest for everybody.” “At Sun ‘n Fun the team gave a briefing to close to 300 high school aged students from local area schools in the Lakeland area,” Meek says. “They bused them in and we gave a briefing on Thursday and Friday. And on Friday 10 lucky students from the Central Florida Aerospace Academy, an aviation based high school in Lakeland, flew with a team on a formation aerobatic ride.” “It was a perfect venue for us to give our career briefing to,” Hornick adds, “in that it was the exact type of children that we were trying to target.” “We are so short of technicians right now,” Molidor continues, “it’s very difficult to find people. And usually what you see at the airlines, they hire people, technical people that aren’t rated. And they work under a rated person. The field is wide open. It’s a wonderful time for a kid to get involved in aviation. It’s an exciting field. Of course we’re on the flying end, but there’s administrative, there’s the technician, there’s electronics. There are so many different facets to it that I think young people would be interested in, but they have to know about it. “I have two nephews that are going the A&P route, and already have jobs,” Molidor says. “It’s like they don’t even get out of school and they know where they’re going already.” “I was just talking to a recruiter at Air Wisconsin,” Meek says, “and he recruits directly out of the local colleges. He says, “I can’t get ‘em fast enough.” So, yeah we’re evangelizing about the career, about the profession, and like Gerry says, not just pilots.” Professional Tips The Phillips 66 Aerostars also highlight the importance of keeping a professional image. “We also cover real-life things like a parent would tell their kids,” Molidor says, “but it sounds better coming from somebody else. Be careful on social media and stuff like that.” Negative posts could hinder somebody’s progress toward a career, like the “girl that was going to be an intern at NASA that shot herself in the foot by swearing on social media.” Hornick flies for an aerospace company which includes divisional presidents and their engineers as passengers. So when he hires, he checks social media as part of the background check. “We’re a very conservative operation and don’t want guys flying executives around that would be making bad decisions, and behaving poorly or potentially representing the company in a poor manner. We want people to exhibit a history of good choices as they’re growing up, not doing silly things.” Harvey “Boss” Meek, Paul “Rocket” Hornick, David “Cupid” Monroe, and Gerry “Fossil” Molidor fly because they love it and because they want to promote aviation. Keep Flying! For more information or to check their flight schedule visit THE PHILLIPS 66 Aerostars help promote aviation at air shows. PHILLIPS 66

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