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OCT 2018

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Page 40 of 63 41 if you’re not, then you can’t fly the airplane like you need to to win. And if you’re competing or you’re working close to the ground on air shows, you just can’t fly right. You really need to be comfortable that the airplane is mechanically perfect you know?” “And at the end of the day all of us have had a time where even though an A&P has touched the airplane, we want to touch it,” Hornick adds, “because we’re the ones whose lives are on the line. And there’s a difference between losing an engine at 8,000 feet, and losing an engine at 200 feet, inverted.” Partnerships to Ensure Performance “We’ve partnered with Phillips 66 Lubricants,” Hornick says, “and we’ve had over a 10-year relationship with them, and it’s grown considerably over the years, but one thing we’ve always said is that we won’t partner with anybody whose product we wouldn’t fully endorse and use ourselves. “We’ve used Phillips 66 Lubricants from the get-go, whether it’s a Yak, or it’s an Extra (300L) aircraft. And we’ve had superior results with their products. “One of the reasons we like Phillips 66 oil is their multiviscosity,” Hornick continues. “We’ve done shows in February where we leave Illinois and its -5 F, and we’ve flown as far south for the first show of the year down in the Dominican Republic and with Phillips multiviscosity we’re not having to worry about doing an oil change on the road just because the temperatures have changed.” Meek says, “We’re doing these shows when it’s 95 degrees out. So these engines are at the upper end of the heat range and we’ve had outstanding results from their lubricants.” “The great thing about it is the first 30 seconds after you start it you have blood running through the veins right away,” Molidor says, “even in the colder weather. And now with the engines we’re using, the 20W-50, same thing, it’s just a great oil; runs extremely clean. Of course we change it every 25 hours. We keep it nice and clean, and we feel real confident it’s protecting our investment.” “We’ve also partnered with Global Parts for the first time this year,” Hornick says. “We took their president and CEO (Troy Palmer) for a ride for the first time with the team this year at Oshkosh AirVenture.” “They’ve been instrumental in helping us get parts already this year,” Meek says, “in a very timely fashion. They were helpful in securing parts that we needed while we were on the road at Sun ‘n Fun at our debut with the new fleet type.” THE PHILLIPS 66 Aerostars performed at the Northern Illinois Airshow at Waukegan, IL, in September 2018. THE PHILLIPS 66 Aerostars: Gerry Molidor, Dave Monroe, Paul Hornick, and Harvey Meek. PHILLIPS 66

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