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OCT 2018

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28 OCTOBER 2018 AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE TECHNOLOGY BUSINESS AVIATION may not need as much. The charter piece also makes a difference. We’ve found charter operators really value in-flight connectivity because it’s something their customers look for. However, a charter may not need the interior to be as high end as a privately owned jet. It just needs to be functional.” Education is a very important part of an MRO’s consultative upgrade process. “We need to educate customers on the latest trends and styles available from manufacturers, then guide them into those that meet their specific needs,” states Meghan Welch, director of paint and interior sales for Elliott Aviation. She adds, while flight missions help determine overall needs, the types of passengers also impact upgrades. Families with children have very different needs than corporate executives, and those needs factor into everything from color selection to interior layouts to furniture choices and exterior paint jobs. MROs also look for the optimal timeframe for an aircraft to be down. If a customer is bringing in an aircraft for an inspection, and has three weeks downtime, Weiss explains, “They are not looking for additional downtime.” Thus, the MRO must look at what upgrades can be performed during that timeframe, and plan accordingly. Investigate Internet Options Pentastar Aviation is an aviation services company based in Michigan, that operates an MRO. Its 80 employees work two shifts and handle both the service needs of managed clients and those that come in for repair work. The company tracks scheduled maintenance via a software-based planning tool, and when an aircraft is due for maintenance, it helps its clients schedule interior and exterior upgrades at the same time. “People like to do their upgrades when the aircraft is down for an extended period of time,” explains Doug Levangie, Pentastar’s vice president of maintenance. Though Pentastar is seeing plenty of requests for ADS-B upgrades as the mandate approaches, Levangie states upgrading internet and phone capabilities is coming in as a close second. “Aircraft owners don’t necessarily care about ADS-B, though maintenance managers do. But they do care about phone system and internet upgrades,” he says. "If you're coming in to get your avionics worked on or for a large maintenance inspection, you can save time and money by doing paint and interior work at the same time …" — Andrew Evans, Director of Marketing, Elliott Aviation THIS LEAR 75 exterior features Bright Silver, Gloss Black and a custom pearl finish. Interior features a new seat design and is finished to match the exterior of the aircraft. ELLIOTT AVIATION/FOSS IMAGERY

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