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OCT 2018

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Page 10 of 63 11 Maintenance have reported a 35 percent reduction in operation impacts caused by unscheduled maintenance events and report only 1 percent false removal rate for parts. Dig Through Existing Data Honeywell also simplifies the implementation of GoDirect Connected Maintenance. There’s no need to add hardware on the aircraft to tap into the power of this solution. Rather, the remedy utilizes data an aircraft already collects. Lopatko explains modern aircraft are equipped with a variety of sensors that continuously collect data, and the Honeywell system analyzes this information to pinpoint maintenance needs and prescribe remedies. Though it’s possible for airlines to immediately use the information being collected, they may opt to take phased approach to Honeywell’s connected maintenance solution. For example, an airline may start with analyzing APU data then later move to wheels and brakes or environmental control systems. The solutions are flexible and can be tailored to accommodate the needs of any business, Lopatko reports. Airlines might opt to phase in approaches for each of the following areas: • Environmental Control Systems, where GoDirect Connected Maintenance offers an automated health check, smart diagnostics to provide component-level insights into issues, and predictive maintenance options; • APUs, where the system continuously monitors APU data, compares it against information in Honeywell’s database, and yields insights to inspect and repair these units before they fail; • Inertial Reference Systems, where the system helps ensure these devices are always accurately calibrated; • Wheels and Brakes, where Honeywell’s connected predictive maintenance solution can reduce landing costs, increase maintenance efficiency, and reduce unscheduled downtime; and • Mechanical Components, where Honeywell combines existing aircraft data and shop records with sensor data to provide predictive maintenance solutions. Honeywell aids airline partners in deciding their course by first studying the types of disruptions and mechanical issues they routinely face. This helps Honeywell determine the most pressing needs and the scale of the system’s initial implementation. Lopatko says, “It makes With each flight, you want confidence in your radar system to perform optimally. Regular inspection and timely maintenance by radome experts give you this assurance. PASS FAIL At ACE, our MRO team tests and repairs radomes to the highest standard. • Guaranteed same-day TAT for transmissivity testing using our in-house anechoic chamber • Wide-ranging exchange and loaner inventory for major aircraft including Boeing, Bombardier, Cessna, Embraer, Gulfstream and other models • In-house paint booth • Radome boot and installation • Two-year warranty on workmanship/materials, twice the industry standard Incoming RF Transmissivity assessment inspection included at no charge for all repaired radomes. ($1,000 value) The Radome Authority for Testing, Repairs and Overhauls • • 888.343.4225

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