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10 AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2018 AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE TECHNOLOGY BUSINESS AVIATION RAISING THE BAR ON SAFETY Bombardier has held its annual Safety Standdown for more than 20 years. This knowledge-based aviation safety training program aims to make aviation safer for the industry as a whole, and is offered at no cost to all aviation professionals. Nearly 10,000 corporate, commercial, and military aviation professionals have attended Safety Standdown seminars in person, with thousands more tuning in via webcast from around the globe. articulating and upholding a robust code of ethics. Empowered employees Companies that lead in sustainability prioritize their employees as a stakeholder, working to understand and develop what drives them in terms of recruitment, engagement, and, in turn, retention. Bombardier Business Aircraft believes in empowering and engaging a diverse workforce that inspires and fuels innovation. To do so, it has a variety of programs in place to not only foster its current talent, but to also develop its future talent pipeline. I always like to use my own trajectory as a case study of how the organization does an exemplary job of supporting the unique interests and skills of its employees. I joined the company in 2011 at Corporate Office in Montreal, Canada, leading sustainability strategy and communications worldwide. When I expressed interest in moving within the business and abroad, I was presented with an opportunity in Wichita, KS, within the business aircraft segment. Not only have these opportunities brought inherent diversity in their mandates, enriching my experience and skillset, but my trajectory has also afforded me the opportunity to travel the world. These are things that I infuse back into the work I do. Many of my colleagues have had similar experiences, starting in one business segment in one corner of the globe, transitioning to another. The broader organization benefits greatly from this global crosspollination. Community investment Having a meaningful presence in the communities in which we operate and giving back is a foundational pillar of successful sustainability strategy. This means more than basic donations or sponsorships — the most potent community giving programs offer some form of the organization’s expertise, and generate a return on the company’s investment as well. In order to take full advantage of our core competencies and specific strengths as a business, we focus community investment efforts specifically in the areas of STEEM education (science, technology, engineering, entrepreneurship, and math), sustainable development initiatives that enhance the quality of the environment in areas where we operate, and stakeholder engagement opportunities to maintain and develop business relationships with industry stakeholders. A hallmark example of this approach is the Inspiring Future Aviators program, led by our Hartford, CT, service center. The facility partners with the New England Air Museum (NEAM) at Bradley International Airport (BDL) bringing students from local high schools, technical and vocational schools to visit both locations to learn and enhance their knowledge on what the aviation industry is about, what aviation maintenance operations really are, and to learn about the many professional opportunities that are available to them within the industry. The tour of the Hartford service center begins with an overview of Bombardier and its operations. We then host the students through the hangars and facility, explaining the aircraft maintenance process while highlighting the vast diversity of professions available in the field, from A&P and avionics technicians, to engineers and the various support departments. In this way, we are developing both the industry talent pipeline as well as Bombardier’s; we have sponsored and presented the program for several years, and look forward to the day when we hire one of its first participants. That’s when sustainability is firing on all cylinders: organizations give back to the community, and directly benefit in return. Conclusion So as you see, sustainability has grown to encompass so much more than its environmental roots. Sustainability is vast, complex, and can seem incredibly daunting to take on. But the reality is, we are all spinning together and hurtling through space on the same tiny planet, sharing the same resources. Companies that understand this, and the inherent value of embedding sustainability deeply within their business practices are expanding their definition of value creation, becoming more competitive and better poised for the future. All of us — individuals and organizations —contribute to developing the sustainability of aviation as a whole. 1Source: GAMA Business Aviation Commitment on Climate Change: An Update ( An employee wears protective equipment while working at Bombardier Business Aircraft’s Tucson Service Center’s interior shop.

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