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58 AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2018 AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE TECHNOLOGY P.V. Supun Nirmal, 25, Civil Aviation Inspector, Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka P.V. Supun Nirmal’s father was working in SriLankan Airlines catering services, and their house was located near the airport, so he had a good view of aircraft from an early age. Nirmal graduated with a degree in aeronautical engineering at General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University, Ratmalana, Sri Lanka. Currently he is working on his master of business administration for London Metropolitan University MBA at ESOFT, Sri Lanka. His first job in aviation was at SriLankan Airlines as an engineering intern in the engineering department. Then he advanced to Fits Aviation as a junior aircraft technician in the engineering department. Currently he is a civil aviation inspector for the Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka. “I love my work and I have a passion to it. So when there is a new task, I’m up for it. I take it up as a challenge. Also in my life, meeting with people, I have learnt that what you have, you can share.” Nominated by Ganesan Jeyapalan, Aircraft Engineer (Rtd), British Airways: “I have known Supun Nirmal for the last four years and found this young man to be very keen and very much interested in aviation. He is mainly interested in planning, maintenance practices, and aircraft engineering. His enthusiasm and immense interest in aviation is adorable and admirable. I am sure one day this young man will achieve a very high standard in the field of aviation.” Nominated by Weeramuni Arachchige Jagath Rupasiri, Aircraft Engineer/Instructor, Cinec Maritime Campus, Malabe, Sri Lanka: “P.V. Supun Nirmal has carried out many maintenance activities under the supervision of licensed aircraft engineers/qualified technicians. He is very good at aircraft documentations and contributed immensely in preparing scheduled and unscheduled maintenance documentations for Cessna 152. He is a hardworking technician who works with great commitment and enthusiasm. Currently he is trying to build up an Aviation Club and make use of his knowledge and share it with the younger generation.” Nirmal is currently the director of administration (2018/2019)at the International Youth Alliance for Peace (IYAP), a youth-led volunteer organization. Nirmal’s short-term goal is to work to his potential in a challenging, dynamic, and diverse environment, enhancing his professional skills in the field of aviation engineering. And his long-term goal is to be in a respectable position in that organization while making a positive and effective contribution. Shawn Peterson, 33, Lead Aircra Maintenance Technician, Sky Quest, Cleveland, OH Shawn Petersen’s introduction to aviation was the typical story, “When I was very young I went for a ride in a Cessna 172. I’m scared of heights, but when we lifted off I had that incredible weightless sensation as I looked out the window and saw earth getting smaller. I was instantly hooked.” Petersen has had many mentors through the years but the most influential was his father. “Growing up on a farm I was always helping my dad work on equipment. He helped me develop troubleshooting skills along with knowledge on how to use tools.” He received his training from Michigan Institute of Aviation and Technology. Advanced training includes familiarization courses for Hawker 125 series aircraft and EMB 135/145 and the NBAA Professional Development Program for successful leadership. He worked at a repair station in Columbus, OH, doing heavy checks on EMB 135/145 and EMB 175. He became run/taxi qualified on both aircraft and would help train new individuals on the operation and taxi of the aircraft. From there he went to Cleveland and Nextant Aerospace. There. he learned sheet metal skills and made parts, installed parts, performed R&D, developed a system of how-to’s, and ran the pylon build on newly designed aircraft. He is currently a lead aircraft technician for Sky Quest where he is assigned five Hawker 800/850/900XPs and a 400A Beechjet. He is responsible for scheduling, performing, or quoting maintenance. Nominated by Cole Goldberg, Business Development, Sky Quest: “As the company grows, Shawn continually takes on more roles, helping new mechanics learn the company’s ways, new software, and different techniques, with patience and a genuine desire to see new hires learn and succeed. Shawn strives to service his aircraft with the utmost safety, handling both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, while guiding his line technicians to learn and grow with the company and the fleet. While saving the company and aircraft owners money, Shawn personally ensures that all work performed is up to company standards.” Petersen enjoys talking with people that may be looking for either a career out of high school or a change from what they’re currently doing. “Aviation is an exciting and challenging field and I am happy to share my knowledge and experience. We as A&Ps need to try and recruit as many go-getters as we can find.” Petersen hopes to continue to excel as a lead technician, and potential director someday or maybe consult on aircraft sales and acquisitions. He would like to “become less hands on with maintenance and instead take more of a management role.”

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