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Your experts for engine accessories If you imagine an aero engine as a human heart, then its accessories could be likened to the coronary blood vessels. Just as the human heart is surrounded by a network of arteries, the engine is surrounded by a range of supporting components such as starter motors, fuel and hydraulic pumps, actuators, sensors and valves. Should these accessories fail, the engine is at risk of suffering something like a heart attack: the engine can no longer operate safely and the aircraft must either perform an emergency landing or else remain grounded. Mean while, the costs incurred increase with every passing minute. Just like an operation on a heart, accessory management is an intricate affair. Time pressure, extreme complexity – one single engine has on average 80 different accessories manufactured by 15 to 20 different suppliers – logistical demands and geographical constraints all come into play when repairing accessories, which draw on some 450 different procedures. As with medical surgery, you generally pick the experts for the job. In the case of accessories, that is the Accessory Repair Center (A.R.C.) at MTU Maintenance Canada in Richmond. The team in Vancouver offers accessory repairs for everything from business jet and regional engines such as the CF34 to the mighty GE90 that powers the Boeing 777. They can also provide all-inclusive service packages for all an airline's accessories. This includes the management of line replaceable units (LRUs), specific accessory components that can be exchanged on location during routine operations. Defective accessories can be replaced with functioning ones within between 4 and 24 hours – either repaired or from storage, a service also provided. MTU Maintenance congratulates Christian Ludwig, Director of Accessories Operations, MTU Maintenance Canada, on being nominated for the top 40 under 40 award!

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