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AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE TECHNOLOGY 16 AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2018 MANUFACTURING INNOVATIONS Rolls-Royce wants to be clear in its intentions and said to us that it unveiled a concept vehicle and is not looking to design the actual airframe and all of the other systems and components in house. The company uses its existing M250 gas-turbine to drive an electric generator which will serve as the energy source to power six electric motors and a battery that will provide some (limited) energy storage especially for the power demanding vertical flight. “Our ambition is to become a supplier of the propulsion system for future EVTOL aircraft designs,” said Michael Cervenka, head of Future Business Propositions for Rolls-Royce. “We are looking for partners in terms of helping us with the electric propulsion system.” The initial concept vehicle uses gas turbine technology to generate electricity to power six — nondisclosed — electric propulsors specially designed to have a low noise profile. In this hybrid-EVTOL configuration it could carry four or five passengers at speeds up to 250 mph for approximately 500 miles, would not require re-charging (as the battery is charged by the gas turbine), and would be able to utilize existing infrastructure. According to Cervenka, Rolls-Royce believes that an all-electric eVTOL aircraft would require a much longer time-line toward entry into service because of the infrastructure needed to support its battery charging, adding it is also developing a generator version to produce electricity. The future aircraft design would be fly-by-wire (FBW) and will also require a new type of full authority digital engine control (FADEC) system. Rolls-Royce engineers are also developing software algorithms that will enable the FBW system to be controlled during the transition between hover and ROLLS-ROYCE INTRODUCED a concept, electric vertical take-off and landing vehicle at Farnborough. MARINO BORIC Pentagon2000 Software Inc Come see us at MRO Europe October 16-18 Amsterdam, Netherlands

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