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Page 14 of 67 15 The original Zephyr 7, developed by QinetiQ in 2003, still holds the flight endurance record of two weeks, and during the show and the press conference, Airbus revealed that the first production unit, the Zephyr S, was undergoing its maiden flight in Arizona after being launched on July 11. In August it achieved a record 25-day flight. Beyond this first flight, Airbus sees flights extending to 100 days, before the ultimate goal of staying aloft for a year at altitudes still to be defined but which may be between 70,000 and 80,000 feet. More efficient batteries and solar panels mean Zephyr S is “even more capable than we were hoping for” according to Sophie Thomas, head of Zephyr Programme, opening up heavier and more sophisticated payloads, such as LIDAR or SAR radar. Initial results from the first flight were encouraging and the vehicle reportedly sustained daylight altitude 24 hours a day. Rolls-Royce Rolls-Royce created a show in the show with three different projects: EVTOL, ACCEL, and remotely even Aston Martin. Rolls-Royce appears to have jumped on the train giving it a strong push. Many, almost all other, projects have an Achilles heel when it comes to a proven range extender or combustion engine/generator unit. Rolls-Royce has the M250 gas turbine which can solve most energy problems of the power hungry VTOL applications. The Rolls-Royce EVTOL project is part of a strategy to “champion electrification” and realize its ambition to become the world’s leading industrial technology company. It builds upon experience gained providing hybrid electric propulsion for non-aero applications, and its expertise in gas turbines, VTOL technology, systems analytics, and aerospace regulation and certification. Rolls-Royce has become the latest major OEM to join a growing trend within the aviation industry around research and development programs focused on introducing e-VTOL air taxis, and other unique aircraft in the future. Rolls-Royce unveiled by surprise a concept, electric vertical take-off and landing (EVTOL) vehicle at the Farnborough International Airshow 2018. The aircraft should be capable of flying at 250 mph with a range of 500 miles. Presuming right partners and appropriate funding, Rolls-Royce believes it can start flight testing a full-scale prototype by 2020. AVIATION FABRICATORS Sit Back and Relax. And we will do the HEAVY LIFTING. Seat Recline Cylinder Overhaul Sit back and relax with AvFab. We pioneered the quick-turn overhaul of seat recline cylinders, performing hundreds of these FAA-approved repairs every month. Your P.L. Porter, Enidine, Roton and Sicma cylinders can be made like new at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Plus, your AvFab repaired cylinder comes with an FAA 8130-3 or EASA Form 1 Dual Release Return to Service documentation and it has the same warranty as a new cylinder. Take comfort. AvFab has your back. Call us today at: (660) 885-8317 /

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