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JUN-JUL 2018

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Page 6 of 51 7 Electric-flight and Boeing are words which nowadays go together; just a few years ago it was different and those words were seldom put in a direct relation. Boeing, as the big player in the airliner market started early with the More Electric Aircraft (MEA) but electric flight came into its vocabulary only recently and with a different approach as the direct rival Airbus. The E-Flight movement has recently gained momentum and Boeing is now a solid part of that trend. In the Early Days Since the early days of the aircraft era, non-propulsive aircraft systems such as actuation, deicing and air-conditioning were depending on mechanical, hydraulic, and pneumatic sources of power. The aircraft engines have traditionally powered those systems; the power was extracted via a variety of mechanisms. Hydraulic and electric systems were powered via a mechanical linkage through the engine gearbox, whilst pneumatic power was generated using turbine air bleed systems. Modern aircraft evolved over time — achieving radical increase in range, capacity, and speed — and the complexity of their systems increased accordingly. Hydraulic power is robust and generates large forces, but these systems have often suffered from a lack of reliability and high maintenance costs. Pneumatic systems have the drawbacks of low efficiency and are similar to hydraulic systems, with many miles of complex, heavy pipes and ducting running throughout the aircraft. Leaks in both systems were and are difficult to locate and are time-consuming to repair. Any interruption in normal operation may ground the aircraft until the issues BOEING DEBUTED 787-10 Dreamliner at North Charleston, SC, on Feb. 17, 2017. THE BOEING COMPANY

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