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JUN-JUL 2018

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38 JUNE/JULY 2018 AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE TECHNOLOGY SAFETY MATTERS Personnel Have you ever worked for an organization of which the safety or quality boss was widely considered to be a weak leader or was seen as being sidelined after having been pushed out of another more important leadership role? If so, what did such human resources (HR) choice tell you about the value that the organization puts on safety and quality management and about the internal power and influence of the safety and quality management function? Leadership choices are some of the most important decisions any organization can make. Filling a leadership role with a star performer who is widely respected throughout the organization sends a very strong signal regarding the importance of the function that such star performer is tasked to lead. It also positions this function to exercise power effectively and to get things done within the organization at large. Star performers can come in different types such as recognized early-career high-potentials who are groomed for larger future leadership roles, well-established mid-career stars, or widely admired end-of-career wise women or men. Choosing a star performer to lead an organization’s safety and quality function sends a clear positive signal regarding its importance. Equally significant, it empowers safety and quality management within the organization and maximizes credibility vis-a-vis key external stakeholders such as regulatory authorities and customers. Putting an underperformer in charge sends an equally clear yet opposite signal. Promotion Have you ever wondered why in a self-proclaimed safety- and quality-driven organization, promotion decisions are made without consideration of a candidate’s commitment to safety and quality? Have you ever wondered why such factors are not an integral part of the organization’s HR system? An organization that claims a specific set of values as its DNA needs to align its HR standards and procedures accordingly. If promotion practices do not reflect the proclaimed values of an organization such proclamation is likely to be met with incredulity at best. Sustaining a safety- and quality-driven organization without safety and quality orientation as key criteria for DEDICATED TO HELPING BUSINESS ACHIEVE ITS HIGHEST GOALS. REMEMBER WHEN THE SKIES OFFERED UNLIMITED POTENTIAL? THEY STILL DO. When Stephen MacGordon set one of the first altitude records, he couldn't have imagined where the bar would sit more than a century later. Today, it's not about how high you can fly, but how flying can help your business reach higher. And it's our job to make sure you can do both. So whether it's reaching new customers or making travel more productive, we help businesses, large or small, surpass their goals. Business aviation enables greater potential. And at NBAA, we enable business aviation. Join us at

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