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JUN-JUL 2018

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Page 34 of 51 35 any further. What may happen is that while an aircraft owner wishes and waits for another price decrease in equipment, shop labor rates may increase due to their costs in expanding their capabilities and paying overtime to avionics technicians. We strongly encourage aircraft owners to schedule their installation now.” Comments and suggestions from industry if you are still in need of equipage When it gets down to the third quarter of 2019 it’s going to get ugly. We will likely see some level of ADS-B Out installs throughout the year 2020. If you don’t have your aircraft or fleet equipped yet and it needs to be, get it done NOW! Make an equipment selection and schedule the airplane. Operators are putting money down on scheduling slots for 2019. There’s not going to be much if any capacity in 2019. Forget about competitive quotes. These companies are busy, quotes take time, and the better deals were a few years ago. About 1,000 aircraft per month have been equipped over the past five to six months. One estimate says 30 percent may be at risk of not being done by Jan. 1, 2020. PROCRASTINATION BY OWNERS AND OPERATORS • Disbelief that the Jan. 1, 2020 mandate was really going to happen • Until last year there was a thought that a lower cost solution was right around the corner • Owners stating they might sell the airplane so why spend all that money now • There's (was) plenty of time left Duncan Aviation's website has a nice piece that actually captures some of the reasons — Four Myths — why people have been waiting. vices/avionics-installation/adsb. CAPACITY AT most maintenance and avionics installation centers such as this one is booking fast. DUNCAN AVIATION THE VERSATILE HARLAN APV Harlan Trans-Con Model HTSBAPV Many options available: • Beacons • Hitches • Suspension-style seats +1-800-255-4262 sales@ harlan As a manufacturer of our own parts and components, we have the ability to customize parts as well as support parts beyond standard expected part life in the industry.

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