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JUN-JUL 2018

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Page 10 of 51 11 by 2022, hoping to cut travel times on regional routes in half and emissions by 80 percent. Zunum hopes to produce bigger planes that can fly up to 1,000 miles by 2030. This implies battery-technology advances beyond what is now available. The E-MRO and E-Mechanic The aircraft mechanic, technician, or engineer of today has become much more of an electrician than decades ago. As you read through this issue of AMT you will hear from industry and academia about today’s challenges with training and certification of our workforce. Let’s consider for a moment what knowledge and skills the maintainer of these future electric aircraft will need. Where will these maintainers come from? How will they be prepared, trained, and who will train them? What type of certification will they need to acquire and from which regulatory agency? Consider the capital expenditures of the maintenance organization maintaining electric aircraft. What new types of tooling and equipment, and facilities will be necessary for the MRO to maintain the new technology of electric aircraft? These are very interesting questions and exciting to think about. Until then, stay tuned. The Electrification and E-Flight movement is coming soon —or is already here. MARINO BORIC graduated with a university degree as an aeronautic engineer, and acquired degrees in business development/trade and commerce and in journalism. He is a civil and military pilot and has built experimental aircraft. As a journalist, he specializes in aviation and propulsion and travels worldwide, flight-testing UL, LSA, Experimental, and certified aircraft. He is writing for U.S., European, and Chinese media companies. ZUNUM FAMILY depiction over Seattle. ZUNUM AVFAB AVIATION FABRICATORS Certified Toilet Repair Station Solutions Need toilet repairs? We´re FLUSH with them. AvFab offers FAA-approved toilet repairs that won't drain you. Most Monogram, Weber, Koehler, Alamo and Aircraft Technologies flushing units and their component parts – including tanks and valves, can be repaired. We´ve developed many PMA parts that improve quality and durability for a much lower cost than original parts replacement. And all repaired units come with the same warranty as new units. Call us today at: (660) 885-8317 / FAA-Parts Manufacturing Approval Facility - #PQ3012CE / FAA-Certified Repair Station - #GVRR304K

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